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Securing Construction Zones with Modern Temporary Fencing and Hoarding Systems

If you live in a big city or have ever been to one, you’ve probably seen construction hoardings. A construction hoarding is a fence or other barrier that keeps the public away from a building site. Its purpose is simple yet vital: to keep people safe. Hoarding systems are required to conceal construction sites from the general public, particularly those adjacent to sidewalks used by pedestrians.

Because temporary hoarding necessitates extra labor and materials, some may view it as a burden, even though it is necessary. However, there are several very important benefits to building hoarding on your construction site! Before we discuss the benefits of hoarding, let’s look at the different types of hoarding. At S&B Fencing hoarding and fencing manufacturer, we specialize in comprehensive solutions, offering design, installation, maintenance, and dismantling services alongside providing top-notch fencing and hoarding solutions to meet your project requirements.

Types of Construction Hoarding

Temporary Fencing

Since temporary fencing is easily accessible and provides enough public safety, it’s an excellent substitute for construction hoarding. Still, a transient barrier might not be enough to hold dirt and debris. Fortunately, adding privacy screening to assist keep the dust produced by the site contained will help fix this issue. You might even make advantage of your temporary barrier as a marketing tool by hanging some mesh banners over it.

If the work is being done outside, you should be ready for bad weather nevertheless, since it could blow over a temporary fence. This is extremely important if you plan to hang any screens or signage from your fence. It might be necessary to reinforce the fence, or you might wish to consider a more complex stability solution like a jersey barrier. This provides a robust, dependable hoarding and breach deterrent system that will safeguard the public and keep your facility secure.


Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is another material that is commonly used by hoarding manufacturers for making hoarding structures. It can create an airtight, gap-free barrier that can act as a temporary, secure wall. It does a good job of protecting the general public from the risks connected with building sites, and it is simple to alter so that a corporate emblem or a picture of the finished project may be displayed.

One potential issue is that PVC hoarding is often thrown away when the project is completed, resulting in more construction-related waste than if a temporary fence or another reusable solution had been employed. However, industry participants are beginning to increase the frequency of hoarding recycled PVC buildings.

Benefits of Hoarding in the Building Industry

Municipal laws governing construction and excavation frequently forbid hoarding, but this does not make it a necessary inconvenience. It actually provides the general contractor with a number of benefits. The top three benefits of using hoarding on building sites are as follows:

Public Safety

The fact that construction hoarding genuinely contributes to public safety protection is one of its key advantages. The surroundings of a property can act as a warning to passersby not to enter. You can underline this message even more by posting cautionary and safety signs on your hoarding.

Site Security

Not only does hoarding construction sites keep the public safe, but it also protects your project from curious onlookers. If you want to prevent people from learning about your project before it’s finished, site hoarding is a great strategy to keep it under wraps. location hoarding provides seclusion and acts as a visible deterrent to potential criminals visiting your location. The supplies and tools you store on your property are safe from potential theft because they are out of sight for passersby.

Ways to Promote Your Construction Site

One of the numerous advantages of installing construction hoarding is the branding opportunity it presents. But this advantage is often overlooked. Hoarding is the best use of your money when it comes to marketing the project or your company. The money you spend on public safety might double as advertising if you brand your hoarding!

By branding your construction site, you can increase sales as well as brand recognition. For example, a developer of a new condominium could employ construction hoarding to sell the complex and attract potential buyers who are looking for their next home.

Guidelines for Construction Hoarding

The laws pertaining to construction hoarding vary based on the location of the job because different regions have different regulations. Construction sites, whether indoor or outdoor, typically require some form of hoarding to protect public safety.

At S&B Fencing, as a leading hoarding manufacturer, we prioritize safety and compliance with health and safety regulations. Our temporary fencing and hoarding panels are meticulously designed to mitigate risks to both the public and our operatives during installation. 

Here are the key considerations we adhere to:

  • Weight and Manual Handling: Our panels are engineered to be of acceptable weight, ensuring compliance with the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992.
  • Health and Safety Compliance: We strictly adhere to the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, Sections 2(2)(b) and 3(1), to guarantee a safe working environment.
  • Competent Operatives: Only trained and competent operatives handle the erection and dismantling of our hoarding systems to ensure proper installation.
  • Supply Instructions: In cases of supply-only arrangements, we provide clear instructions for safe installation to our clients.
  • British Standards Compliance: We as a top fencing manufacturer, keep in mind that our hoarding systems comply with BS 639 452, ensuring quality and reliability.
  • Stability Considerations: Every aspect affecting stability, such as coupler strength, backstay configuration, weld strength, and steel specification, is carefully taken into account during design.
  • Unique Site Requirements: With over 20 years of experience in the fencing industry, we understand that each site is unique. We leverage our expertise to provide tailored solutions that fully comply with Dubai Municipality regulations, even in challenging environments like landfill sites or seashore locations.

Contracting Services

As the UAE’s premier supplier, S&B offers comprehensive design, installation, maintenance, and dismantling services. Our team of qualified engineers, contract managers, supervisors, and installers ensures that all installations meet wind loading requirements in compliance with BS 639452 for temporary structures and BS1722 fencing standards. Our products are available for weekly hire, contract hire, sale, or sale with buyback options, providing clients with peace of mind and exceptional service.