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About Us

Established over 35 years ago, S&B Fencing is a leading provider of temporary fencing and hoarding solutions in the UAE. At S&B Fencing, we prioritize health and safety, environmental awareness, and quality in everything we do. We prioritize health and safety, environmental awareness, and quality. Our range of products includes steel panels, eco PVC fencing, mesh temporary fencing panels, and more, all fully reusable for minimal environmental impact. With a focus on innovation, we offer iPVC reusable indoor hoarding and police barriers to meet diverse needs. Trusted by clients worldwide, S&B Fencing remains at the forefront of the industry, delivering superior solutions tailored to our customers' requirements.

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Trustable Temporary Fence Rentals with Engineered Installation Solutions

S&B Fencing, meeting your temporary fencing needs with trustable solutions and engineered installation expertise. We have been a leading provider of hoarding and fencing contractor UAE since 2002. This is evident through our innovations from Backstay systems to the continuous reusable Steelhoard system that was introduced in 2002. Therefore, S&B products cater for all your project needs due to its commitment to product development and innovation.

We provide a range of rentals for site fencing as well as different types of barricades, such as hoarding and noise reduction barriers which are designed according to the highest standards of quality and safety. For your design, installation, dismantling or contract hire needs, you can rely on S&B for appropriate interventions.

Safeguard Projects with S&B’s Unmatched Benefits

Value for Money

Take advantage of our ability to purchase goods at favorable prices by making economies of scale and strong purchasing power.

Commitment to Service

Our team of fencing suppliers is committed to satisfying customers, promptly responding to all questions and providing professional assistance.

Market Specialization

We have developed specialized solutions offering enclosures tailored specifically to the harsh conditions of site locations based on what we hear from our customers.

High-Quality Products

Systems for hoarding and screening can be provided to corporate colors, improving your company's appearance

Research & Development

Always be the first with us, as we use breakthrough ideas and new concepts in our projects in order not to lose being the best fencing suppliers in Dubai, UAE market.

Fully Reusable

Our products are designed for repeated long-term use so that they could undergo multiple reuses, leading to reduced environmental impact.

Environmentally Aware

This environment friendly approach is backed up by 100% recycled materials that are suitable for reuse over a long period. Additionally,

UAE-Sourced Quality Products

We apply local production policy when selecting suppliers of raw materials from top manufacturing companies in UAE; therefore,

Site Enclosure Services Provided by S&B

Safety is our first priority while designing at S&B Fencing. With the help of professional structural engineers, we are able to offer exclusive site-specific designs. You can be confident that any of our installations meet BS 639 452 specifications on wind loadings for temporary structures and this ensures safety for your project. We take pride in our ability as the leading fencing suppliers in Dubai and one of the best fencing contractors in UAE to deliver custom design solutions that adhere to the highest quality and safety standards.

Our professional fence installation in Dubai is more than just a setup; it offers peace of mind. Our well-trained staff will ensure that installation of fences or hoardings are done fluently without any problem. As a result, when it comes to offering top-notch services such as fencing companies in Dubai and fencing contractors in UAE, we have amassed enough experience that allows us to guarantee premium quality services. Moreover, we handle dismantling with utmost professionalism thereby providing an all-inclusive solution from beginning to end.

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