Temporary Fencing in Dubai

When it comes to outdoor sites security for short term or medium term, temporary fencing is an ideal solution. Fencing in Dubai is a popular choice for many businesses, including construction sites, events but people also used them to protect their properties in remote areas.

At S&B Fencing, our panels are re-usable and are easy to re-locate on the same site or on a new site.

Heras Fencing

We are leading supplier for Heras Fencing in Dubai. Basically Heras Fencing is a design of temporary fencing intended for use on constriction sites. Hears fencing is consist of individual panel with standard size used all over the world. Each panel has two poles, a concrete base is used to hold the panels. If you are looking for Heras Fencing give us call now +971 4 285 9939 or fill the Contact form so we can reach you back you.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing are used in place of hoardings to block an area and prevent intrusions, and use chainlink mesh with intermediate supports to create a strong fence.

Hoarding Fences

Hoarding also known as temporary fences are used in construction sites and are requirement in many of the sites in Gulf.

PVC Fencing

PVC Fence manufactures and distributes, our PVC Fence in various colors, heights and specifications for Residential and Commercial applications. PVC fencing is mostly used in Horse or Camel Fencing it reduce the installation time and cost.

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